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Be The Best You In 22

Live well, longer and happier

Thursday 12th May 2022 – 6-week block – Zoom – 7.30pm-8.30pm 


What is it?

  • A 6 Week Wellbeing Programme. 

  • Helping you feel happier, more energised, healthier, lighter.

  • After a tough 2 years this 6 week wellbeing programme is designed to get you feeling your best for 2022 no matter what it throws at us.

Image by Aditya Saxena

Is it for me?
If you feel tired, sluggish, lacking energy, overweight, life is a bit meh, generally under par, and tired of waiting for it all to change, then this is for you.

Come and find out how in 6 weeks we will look at your lifestyle, your body + mind connection, your nutrition, fitness and mindset and set you up with strategies and techniques to help you feel and be your best.

What’s included?
A 6 week wellbeing plan
A weekly zoom call over the 6 weeks
Your own workbook

Private Facebook Support Group

What are the modules?
Week 1 - Let's look at Lifestyle 
Who and how are you? 
In the first online session we will focus on your current lifestyle and how that makes you feel. Immediately we will get you onto an exercise and nutrition plan with the aim of improving health and fitness, eating the right nutrients and reducing fat if necessary.

Week 2 - Your Body + Mind Connection
In this session we will explore how it all ties together. Food, Fitness & Mindset - understanding the connections and the consequences (good and bad) alongside sleep, soul and self!

Week 3 - Food
It's time to start delving a little deeper into re-vitalising how we eat - busting the myths, highlighting the new science and evidence.

Week 4 - Fitness
It doesn't have to be extreme to work. We'll talk about different levels of activity - what we need and why and how to fit it into our hectic lifestyles. from cardio to core and everything in between.

Week 5 - Mindset
How do we develop and grow personally & professionally? What makes us happy and confident? How do we define our success? Lots of food for thought this week.

Week 6 - Goals & Strategies
How do we keep going?
Here we'll focus on motivation, inspiration and solutions going forward.

What does it cost?
£29 (less than a coffee and a cake each week)


How much time do I need to commit?
You can  join the live zoom or watch afterwards to suit your timeframe. How much time you commit thereafter is up to you. Ideally 15 minutes per day. The more time the more success.