Ongoing restrictions haven't stopped us getting together and exercising safely. We can currently provide 1:1 face to face outdoor training in our amazing space and also have fantastic online 1:1 and classes each week that you can take part in from the comfort of your own home.


Classes are suitable for all fitness levels and cover everything from cardio, strength, endurance and yoga /pilates style body conditioning.

 Class prices from £7 with great pass deals and contact us for bespoke 1:1 packages.

Fitness & Sports Massage 


For body maintenance we also offer sports massage. This is fantastic for those who exercise and offers benefits such as enhanced range of movement and flexibility, increased well-being and improved sleep, decrease in muscle tension and neurological excitability (this means your nerves are more relaxed)! Complemented by a fabulous range of locally produced oils to support active, tired and stressed bodies.

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