Creating 'Habititis'

In the run up to holidays there was a lot of end of 'termitis' chat - well I feel it's time for 'habititis' for those of us who need to develop or create a series of healthy processes to protect ourselves and live well!

(Itis means inflammation - which in turn refers to the body's process of fighting against things that harm it and Habit is ofcourse a regular practice - and if we add habitat into the mix meaning home/ environment it all makes sense!)

So there we have it - Habititis -

What healthy habits can we make to fit into our daily life?

Here are 10 habits that are easily adapted whether you are single, have a family, working from home, going back into the office, looking after kids ..... whatever your personal circumstances

  1. Instead of hitting snooze, sit at the edge of your bed - Breathe for a few minutes with your feet on the floor and roll your shoulders, ankles and wrists

  2. In the bathroom - have a drink of water, stand on one leg (alternate) whilst brushing your teeth, stand up/down on the balls of your feet, lift knees up ....

  3. Take time to have breakfast (it needn't be long) and whilst eating it think about doing a 5-10 minute focus activity - 'language unit - duolingo is free, colour in whilst having your coffee (kids love these too), listen to the radio or a short podcast, read a few pages of a book .... - these all beat listening to miserable news and get us into a Positive Mindset for the day. Then catch up on news, emails ......

  4. Take Breaks during your day - set your phone alarm to go off every few hours to stretch / walk about if you sit at a desk and likewise if you are on your feet all day sit for a few moments - literally smell the coffee, take in what is around us with our senses.

  5. Exercise - whatever level, whatever your preferred time or type - aim to get daily exercise for at least 30 minutes (that can be 2 x 15 min walks a day) and if outdoors even better for Vitamin D!

  6. Eat well (this is easier if you have a meal plan for the week)

  7. Drink Water (it's good to keep a track - or fill a water bottle up first thing in the morning)

  8. Take the time to Talk to a friend / loved one

  9. At the end of the day make a time / habit to 'switch off' - whether that's change your clothes, pour a fizzy water with slices of fruit, sit down for 10 minutes , watch tv, read a book, have a bath..... create a pattern that says 'I'm switching off' from work / external responsibilities / people

  10. Get a decent Sleep!

None of it is rocket science but you would be amazed at how much we overlook or don't give priority to these things which all help our wellbeing.

Personally I forget to drink water and dehydration is an issue when I'm busy, I can reach for the crap snacks - again when I'm busy or not planned ahead what I need, and as for sleep ...... it takes time, planning and practice and it's unlikely we will always achieve a perfect 10/10 but the more we do the better.

If you are interested in finding out more about how mindset, food and fitness can help your wellbeing as always we are delighted to chat.

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