M&M's - Bitesize Boosts

Sorry not the tempting little choc bites but more importantly - how are your morale & motivation levels just now? How about that of your colleagues, your friends, your family members?

Motivation - a reason/s for acting in a particular way

Morale - confidence, enthusiasm and discipline of a person or group at a particular time

Whilst there is light at the end of the tunnel with vaccination programmes and easing of restrictions, 2020 has put a fair old dent into the M&M for many of us. At work it can be isolating working from home all day alone and harder to be part of 'the team' when feeling uninspired. School kids can find it hard to stay motivated to study when there is no 'real' exam and limited 'real' classroom experience. Older people can find their confidence has been eroded by being stuck indoors and if you work for yourself the constant changes and decision making may have taken its toll.

So how do we give ourselves / others a boost whilst we still in this transition period? So much to go into - but here are some generic bite size boosts that we can adapt to different situations.

1. Be open & honest

Don't avoid or hide problems - identify them

Whether that's recognising you have staff not 'feeling' the work vibe, kids who are wanting to watch Netflix instead of study or friends who are drinking too much as a coping mechanism

2. Communicate

Following on from that clarity - communicate with the relevant people - whether that's asking your employees how you can help, coming up with ideas to generate your child's interest or you yourself asking for support from a colleague, friend.


Develop this communication into engagement - Create a process of recognition, feedback and growth in whatever shape is required. Whether for employees, family or ourselves.

4. Eat, Sleep, Exercise & Use Effective Social Tools

Share Recognise & acknowledge the good stuff

Share success stories

Make decisions

Focus on wellness

Have fun

5. Keep it A Calm & Healthy Vibe

Aim to reduce the stress, keep things organised and calm - rather than fraught or tense. Way more productive! So whether you want your team to improve results in the workplace or just have teenagers do the dishes, think about the atmosphere.

6. Emotional Intelligence

We directly impact ourselves and others every day. Let's be careful about how we use that influence and use it to best effect.

7. Support

From our own to external support networks - make sure you have the support you or others need. Be it a half hour walk at lunchtime, a 'bought' in service or arranging a kids play day ....

8. Incentives

Make it good- whether it's facilitating an employee a later start time so they can have a morning run, signing up for a new course paid for by work to give some inspiration, agreeing a road trip with the kids for when it's all over .......


Do you know what motivates and drives you? Reward and motivation are strongly influenced by the amygdala. Researchers at Vanderbilt University found that “go-getters” who are more willing to work hard have greater dopamine signalling in the striatum and prefrontal cortex — two areas known to impact motivation and reward. There are 4 M's often associated with Motivation - Materials, Mastery, Mating (friendship) & Momentum. It can be an extremely useful process to work out what motivates you and gives you that feeling of morale so that we can dig into that when we need more of it.

I've trained myself over many years to hone in on my own personal motivation and working for yourself you have to learn to keep your morale up.

I often use analogies from running for both business and family issues - there are many psychological tips & strategies to keep positively moving forward. I have treated this pandemic like running an unknown number of ultra's back to back - I have no knowledge of the distance or the geographical nature of the course - that way I take the ups when they arrive and don't worry about them in advance and enjoy the running downhill for as long as I can.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to boost and harness morale & motivation either for you or your team get in touch.

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