Needing some inspiration?

I love the imagery that inspiration propels us from apathy to possibility. I imagine myself being able to do anything. A lightbulb moment is where we have a sudden realisation, enlightment or inspiration. Effectively inspiration can transform the way we perceive our capabilities. The definition is "it is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something".

Research indicates it can be activated, captured and manipulated and can have a massive effect on life outcomes. Yet we can't will it - it just happens - but there are things we can do to help find it.

In coaching we ask questions, we are curious, we find out about you - to help you identify and understand what stimulates you, what makes you tick.

There are things you can do to help you feel inspired / find inspiration. Here are a few of my top tips that might be worth thinking about if you are feeling a little lacklustre and want to find some mojo.

  1. Go somewhere - a change of environment can be very powerful, whether it's a walk outdoors in a natural setting, visiting a gallery or museum or travelling to another place

  2. Vision board - creating a visual image either physically or digitally can help you think about what you would like - whether for personal or professional projects

  3. Write - jotting down our ideas, mind mapping, getting creative whether with post it notes, wall planners or project management apps

  4. Research - research / follow others who inspire and motivate you - books, blogs, podcasts, autobiographies, social media ....

  5. Time - give yourself time to think

  6. Learn - improve, update, add to skillset

  7. Communicate - ask others their stories / life lessons & share yours (listening to what we've done over the decades can help us find forgotten passions ....)

  8. Experiment - try different things, move out of your comfort zone or expand on things you enjoy

  9. Create or Appreciate - experiment with your creativity with an artform like painting, dance, singing, drama or watch others perform - even a movie can be inspiring with scenery, dialogue ....

  10. Relax - being calm, focussed maybe through breathing, meditation, taking a bath ...whatever floats your boat to help you chill and appreciate

And if you feel like exploring specifics, finding clarity and confidence about moving forward on a specific idea, garnering change then ask us about our focus sessions.

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