Retreat & Advance or Retreat to Advance - negotiating life

Retreat & Advance or Retreat to Advance?- navigating through life

In a sense our whole life is a sequence of retreat and advance moves - sometimes big leaps forward then a step back and as I frequently say life is never a straight line - we have exciting things - births, new jobs, marriages... and challenging events - deaths, redundancies, divorces ... intermingling with the daily routines of work, schools, activities, domestics, fun ...

Sometimes the balance can be thrown out of kilter due to circumstances outwith our control and sometimes we want to make changes if things are not working for us, or we want new adventures.

The origin of the word ‘Retreat’ comes from Latin and means ‘to pull back’, so in some respects it’s very apt to categorise our 3 exciting residential wellbeing events as Retreats. We will be encouraging you to pull back from the daily routine to have time to focus on going forward with energy, positivity and vitality.

I do wonder if we should start a new trend and call them ‘Advancers’.

In physical training programmes for the likes of marathons or body building, we use advance progression weeks and then a consolidation period. In business we have growth & stability phases. In the military they talk retreat and advance ....

So our events have great theoretical base but what about what they actually entail. What is a body + mind retreat? For us it's all about helping you thrive using growth mindset, fitness and nutrition.

These Q&A's from real life feedback hopefully give insight

“Is it all restrictive eating?”

No - our philosophy on food is that it should be enjoyable, nutritious and inspiring but we will discuss foods that are just no good for our bodies or minds and those that are. We will encourage a great food relationship.

“Do you sit & ohmmm?”

Our meditative, quiet moments tend to be accompanied by gentle music rather than our vocals.

“Will I be able to keep up with the exercise?”

We offer beginners, intermediate & advanced options in all our movement sessions - and there is always the option to have your own time or do one of our alternatives if the body or mind isn’t willing!

“Do we look at body statistics?”

Each retreat has a different style. In our Woodland Wellness weekend which is a very small group, we do a body MOT which mentions BMI, body fat %, blood pressure but there is no shaming or worrying - everything is informative & educational to help us thrive.

“Are the mindset workshops all very deep & too personal for in a group?”

We are all about growth mindset, focussing on how to thrive and feel amazing. You will never be expected to share anything that is uncomfortable unless you choose to. Our workbooks are great focus points to get you thinking privately.

"Is it for personal or business development?"

You can take from these events what you need /want to. If you are a solopreneur working on a new project, this is a perfect opportunity for you to have time to think. If you are a stay at home parent who is needing time to work on your health and wellbeing then that's the focus. Everyone will have a different emphasis and this is what makes these groups work so well with great team spirit. We know this from our pilot projects that people like to work with people with different experiences, backgrounds, ages....

Our 3 options offer something special as each location and programme has been selected and designed with extreme care & love!

They are designed to inspire, motivate & provide solutions

They are for you if you

- want a kickstart to a healthier you

- it's time for a mojo boost

- you are ready to improve your energy and wellbeing levels

- time to think would support your personal and professional development

- relaxation amongst a supportive group appeals

- you want to go from frazzled to fabulous in time for the festive season

We've designed all to have a different vibe and all you have to do is choose which appeals to you the most. We do the rest to help you feel amazing.

- cosy & relaxed highland hideaway for autumn (max 30)

- lux & personal woodland wellness getting in a great zone for Christmas (max 8)

- overseas New Year blitz (max 12)

If you would like more information please contact me for a chat & have a look at our website retreat page for details of locations, prices....

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