Sensory Fest / Stress Release

To be facing another Covid impacted Christmas seems unreal. 2021 started with such high hopes yet here we are with another new variant. People are still impacted by travel restrictions to be with family, ski-ing holidays are being chopped and changed, we are constantly hearing about supply problems for food / gifts - let alone the tough fact that local Covid cases seem more prevalent daily ....

We are a household that believes Christmas shouldn't start too early and it's not about commercialism - but family, friends and sounds Hallmark schmaltzy but a bit of an appreciation time. So I decided to use the Senses to be my Christmas theme. I tend to like 'themes' for gifting it helps me get organised and I find it easier to decide what to buy for who - it's been active, home, plant, pampering ..... all sorts over the years.

This year with the overwhelm that has impacted many and knowing how good the senses are at helping us cope in stressful situations it seemed apt to gift presence as presents. Being present in the moment.

So my gift list became easy - I'm sharing a few ideas here but sssh don't tell them

Things to .....

See - watching something live is a great way to be present in the moment.

I've bought tickets to theatre for parents, cinema cards for teens, comedy nights for OH

Touch - taking a moment to really feel fabric is calming, I've bought some gorgeous luxury tactile pressies like cashmere fingerless gloves (Scottish based Le Tee Paris Scottish based have gorgeous socks amongst many things and Turtle Doves in Shropshire use recycled cashmere jumpers to create gorgeous products).

Massage is a great stress reliever and aid to feeling good for so many reasons! I've booked myself in for a pre festive boost!

Hear - music is a wonderful thing, listening to stories and podcasts can stave off loneliness, be educational and help us sleep.

I've bought audible subscriptions, concert tickets and created podcast and music lists to pop in with cards

Smell - how lovely is it to be reminded of somewhere, something or someone by smell.

I've bought locally produced candles with smells that uplift, energise, relax. Hand & body products that feel great and give a sensory continual glow.

Taste - ah a favourite - small things like herbal teas in the stockings, little chocolate stirrers, or a new favourite this year is a flowering tea ball (Chiaya and Chai), restaurant vouchers and ofcourse making some festive treats to take to friends.

With the impact that Covid has had on our health, businesses, wellbeing - I've made a huge effort to shop local to support. I've bought re-usable bags and recyclable tissue to help the environment.

Small things and small steps - but small changes can lead to great things and impacts.

As always at TBM we're happy to support our clients with gifting guides and I've also created a range of gift vouchers as honestly what better gift can we give than wellbeing? From clarity sessions to retreats and bespoke packages. Get in touch if we can help ease your festive stress.

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