Stop, Breathe & Communicate

Cope. Connect. Create. Contribute. – I love this as a concept for living through Covid. It comes from a book I saw about narrative coaching and using our stories to help us through challenging times. I haven’t read the book or even seen the words together before but realise I have been doing this subconsciously.

Daily I have made an effort to connect (keeping in touch with friends, family & clients) , create (new projects at work, playing piano…) and contribute (I committed to mentoring a teen from a care background and a young businesswoman) and in turn this has all helped me cope. As an extrovert personality I was worried when lockdown first took hold that I would struggle. I am delighted that I am proof that my business model of using our mindset, fitness and food in balance can help us if not thrive then at least live better in these challenging times. Ditto I see this in my clients the youngest at 15 and my eldest at 87 – all with different personalities, set ups and experiences – it has highlighted that looking after ourselves as best we can helps us cope with adversity and obstacles.

Don’t get me wrong - I miss my ‘In Real Life’ communities both professionally and personally. Financially it has been scary as a two ‘self employed’ household and emotionally draining looking after 3 teenage girls in the midst of exam years and in their words in ‘what should be the best time of their lives’. I should have been taking a group to the Canaries last month for our latest Re-Vitalise + Re-Set retreat!.

And wow not for a minute is this a brag – hey look how well I’ve coped because there has been moments, but this is genuinely about how we can use our resilience, obstacles and courage when life gets really tough.

I was being interviewed the other day for an article and I mentioned how I feel privileged to have the wisdom of age – rather than feeling miserable about being middle aged. It's made me appreciate that I have useful experience and knowledge – the practical, the theory – and I genuinely believe and have seen that even the toughest situations have solutions.

My OH and I decided that if we could live through lockdown with a blended family we could survive anything and we committed to getting married (at long last!). But one of the key things has been communication – we agreed from the outset what our parameters were if it all went belly up – our communication was paramount. Whether personal or business – I can’t stress the importance of communication – talk about what it is we need, manage our expectations…. Wish I could chat to the government about understanding the latter …..

I was asked what my top tips would be regarding overwhelm and stress right now.


Everything has a solution – even if it is not apparent to you right now. So whether it’s stress from the workplace, family, relationships, finance or just plain boredom there is a world of wellbeing solutions on our doorstep – or at least through zoom!!!

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