Protein Platters

For picky lunches, nibbles, snacks. I like to keep these in the fridge – beats biscuits and crisps when the munchies strike.

Ingredients (for 1 person for a couple of days)

1 Salmon Fillet
1 Chicken Fillet
1 Pepper
4 Baby Tomatoes 
(these can be substituted with cucumber, celery, whatever is in the fridge)
4 Beetroot (cooked but not in vinegar)
Chilli Flakes
Greek Yoghurt
4 Tbsp Crunchy Peanut Butter
2 Tbsp Water
¼ Tin of Chopped Tomatoes

Roast the fillets – once cooked chop into bite size pieces.
Blitz the beetroot (make sure chunky not too smooth) with the yoghurt and chilli flakes - a variation is to roast your own beetroot with cumin seeds.
Warm the peanut butter in a glass jar in micro or in a pan with water add tomatoes and chilli flakes if using.
You can mix and match the dips and protein.


Smoked mackerel with the beetroot dip.
Pork with a roasted apple and nut purée.

Vegetarian & Vegan Alternative

Eggs and avocado dip.

Nut Loaf and raspberry dip (blend a handful of raspberries with tablespoon of olive oil and add chilli flakes to taste).