Scallops & Greens

Lunch or dinner – Scallops are rich in protein and nutrients that promote heart and brain health. 

Ingredients (per serving)

6 Scallops 
Handful of tenderstem broccoli, asparagus and spinach

Stir-fry the scallops in a little olive oil and chilli flakes.
Likewise the broccoli and asparagus (or you could steam these).
Serve the scallops on top of fresh spinach or lightly wilted with the veg at the side and lemon to garnish.


Scallops literally are full of B12, calcium, iron, zinc to name a few – great protein source.
Broccoli – packed with nutrients including C, K, A, B9 – steaming is one of the best ways to maintain them.
Asparagus – another veg full of essential vitamins and super crunchy and tasty.
Spinach – skin, hair, bone health – like all these greens just full of good stuff.
Chilli & lemon – again all full of good things that help with digestive health and chilli may even help with acid reflux.

Vegetarian & Vegan Alternative

Halloumi/vegan nut-loaf works well with these veggies and flavourings. Concern has been raised (as with many foods) that they may accumulate certain heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium but are overall considered safe.