Sweet Potato, Goats Cheese & Beetroot Salad

A simple lunch salad, pretty appetiser and can be made to look like a really ‘big’ dinner or child friendly if you stuff the potato with the other ingredients.

Ingredients (per serving)

1 Small Sweet Potato Per Person
Spinach/Salad Leaves
1 Beetroot Per Person (you can use fresh and cook yourself or ready to eat – just not pickled!)
4 Walnuts & 8 Pine Nuts


Roast the sweet potato in its jacket  - approx. 45-60 mins
(we tend to do a small batch at weekends so there is always some in the fridge).
Scoop out and make into a mash (you can add some chilli flakes if desired for a bit of kick).
Pop a round of goats cheese with crumbled nuts under the grill (or grill if you want the ‘grilled’ appearance).
Layer a plate with spinach or other salad leaves, add beetroot then layer the potato, goats cheese with nuts .


Sweet potatoes are a massive source of good nutrients including Vitamins B&C, calcium, iron, magnesium. 

Goats cheese – high in calcium (helps prevent osteoporosis) and protein – for some it’s more easily digestible than some cow sourced cheeses and lower in calories.
Beetroot – good for the heart and eyes, reduces blood pressure, may help prevent cancer and dementia.
Walnuts & Pine Nuts – good for dietary fibre, iron, potassium and protein.

Vegetarian & Vegan Alternatives

You could use tofu as a cheese alternative or if adventurous you could try making a vegan goats cheese made from cashew nuts (30 mins fast version)  - https://www.thefieryvegetarian.com/vegan-goat-cheese/