A few feedback comments or as I prefer to call them feed forward thoughts to help us improve what we do. 

"Great holistic view of our bodies and minds to help you achieve your goal. Very empathetic yet empowering too.

Love my sessions!"


Karen's thoughts on sessions



"Working through the STAR technique to help me move from my current situation to my alternative ideal was such an eye opener to help me move forward and consider how I think about things"


Joe on life coaching


"Barbara's upbeat and vibrant style of training has helped me to significantly improve my fitness and feelings of wellbeing over the past ten weeks. She is excellent at motivating and encouraging me to strive for fitness goals that I honestly didn't think possible a few months ago. Each session is varied. It's hard work but fun and homework is set and tailored to your individual goals. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can achieve over the next 10 weeks of sessions!"


Eleanor on PT



"The identification of my core values and creating my vision board was really powerful!"


Anne on Life coaching


"I've been able to push myself forward both personally and in my business.

Would highly recommend to anyone looking for coaching, whether you feel a bit lost like myself,

or just to help give an aspect of your life a boost”


Jill on life coaching



"Barbara.. you are a star! All the balance and core training totally paid off - you may have a queue of Clipper sailors soon.

Thanks for getting me in shape for this"


Graham - post Clipper race on Fitness Training

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