Warming Roasted Pear & Nut

Whilst pears are more of a fall fruit they are quite readily available and make a lovely warming breakfast on a crisp Spring morning – equally versatile as an evening supper dessert.

Ingredients (per serving)

 ½ Pear
3 Tbsp Full Fat Greek Yoghurt
6 Nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashew – all work well)
Cinnamon Sprinkle

Super simple – half and roast the pear (having cut out the hard middle).

Cut side up for 20-25 mins – 200 degrees or 180 degrees (fan).
If you keep the skins on just eat the inside as the skin will toughen with heat or you can peel beforehand (I keep them on as a nice outer shell).
When ready - mix the yoghurt and nuts together and scoop into the middle. 


The pears can be precooked and just warmed up in the morning and it’s even lovely cold.