Our workshops have always been a fun, social way to meet in a small group to focus on specific topics.

In the last year we have taken this online and will continue to offer a combination of online and face to face events – so we can inspire those near and far.

Our 2021 workshop series includes:

  • Mind Mapping

  • Vision Boarding

  • Goal Setting

  • The Arts & Well-being

  • Getting Back to Work 


Our Re-Vitalise Your Eating workshop launched in 2021 and has proved to be a huge success. Following on from this we have introduced a new membership Re-Vitalise Your Seasons. This will provide seasonal tips and strategies to keep your mindset, food and fitness in focus.

This membership will include

  • Copy of the Re-Vitalise Your Eating booklet

  • Access to our online quarterly workshops

  • Seasonal recipes

  • Well-being advice and goal setting support